How to Write an Attractive CV 


How to write an Attractive CV

Your CV is the first point to interact with your boss. It’s compulsory to have an attractive, eye-catchy, and concise CV. Your CV should be simple, concise, and straightforward. In order to get your dream job, here are few major tips for writing a CV.

Basic key Points

There is no specific way to write a wrong and right CV. But there are few common points which should be followed in order to have an attractive result. There are certain common sections that should be discussed in a simple and real pattern. Personal information, education, career, certificates, hobbies, interests of the field, and experience should be there.

Introduce Yourself


This is the only platform where you can show your expertise to your boss. It is well said that:

“The first impression is the last impression”

So try to be more simple, concise, and to the point in order to impress your employer. Your address, name, and E-mail ID should be at the top. Explain your skills and expertise in a simple way that he may be able to understand easily.

Check the format of Text

The format of the CV should be official. Avoid colored text and bright effects, this distracts your employer from your written text and expertise. Important things which you want to highlight must be in bold and italic format. Text format should be official which is Arial.

Presentation of CV

The CV must be presented in a clear and better way. It should be printed on A4 page size with a better outline. It should be printed on a clean straight page and should be presented in the same way. You should present your CV in an assignment folder without folding it. It represents your non-serious behavior toward your boss.

Keep it Real

Usually, a CV should not be large more than 2 pages. The page should be of A4 size. Do not forget that your boss will give only 8 seconds to your cv. In these few seconds, he will be able to see your overall career phases. Keep it real, simple, and keep little information hidden for the interview.

Achievements and Outcomes

You should avoid describing your tasks, but you should explain your expertise, achievements, and outcomes. The employer is seeking your outcomes. Do not create a mess on your CV, use bullet points to describe your achievements. It helps the employer to understand your career and gives an attractive and disciplined expression.

Cover Letter

Sometimes a cover letter is also attached to your CV. CV is more concise containing precise information of 1-2 words. For more explanation, you can attach a cover letter to explain your expertise in a better or explained way. The cover letter should be of one word and no more than that. Here you can emphasize and convince your boss that you are the best choice for this position.

Should be Updated

Your CV must be updated after time. You are looking for a job and there is a time when you overcome a new phase of life and learn from each and every phase. So each and every learning experience should be there. You should update this after some time, otherwise, you may forget to add something later on.

Add Numeric Game

Some people think that adding numeric in CV is risky but it gives you an advantage too. It always has a positive impact on your employer. When you are completing your qualification section then add your marks in numeric too. Add your total marks, obtained marks, and percentage of each and every grade. It helps to save the time of employment in order to search your qualification section with your marks and grades. These numeric and numbers automatically attract the attention of the employer and he doesn’t need more to search out information. You have to serve your information in front of your boss because he is not going to search it out in your CV. He will only give 8 seconds and in these few seconds, you have to tell every important information to the employer.

Play with graphics

We live in GUI (graphical user interface) where people attracts to the colored images. Instead of leaving space around the text, use some graphics and make it more eye-catchy. Make it more pretty and use a proper layout to give a positive vibe. It will also give you a positive point over the simple black and white CV.


How to write an Attractive CV 


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